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I originally sought out care for a neck complaint that had been bothering me for about 6 months.  The neck pain made it difficult to work, made me irritable around family and friends, and made my hobby of triathlons less enjoyable.  Originally I went to see my MD who told me to take ibuprofen and rest with minimal results.  I had immediate relief after the first treatment and within three visits noticed a great improvement.  Now I can enjoy my family, without being grouchy over an injury and I can also enjoy swimming, biking, and running without pain.  I tell others to definately give ART and chiropractic care a try.  It can keep you from having to have surgery, and also keep you from having to take over the counter and prescription medications.  I plan to use chiropractic care and ART in the future for return injuries for certain.

-Shawn (runner/triathlete, Redman Half Ironman Winner)

I came into Elite Sports Chiropractic (ESC) with a persistent, sharp pain in my lower leg that I had been suffering from most of the summer.  The pain affected my ability to do speed workouts and the mileage I was able to run each week.  Before coming into ESC I had been stretching and doing daily ice treatments.  I had also visited an orthopedic specialist and a physical therapist.  Once I visited ESC and Dr. Messenger, it only took 3 treatments to start seeing the results.  Since then my miles are up, my recovery time is better, and I no longer have a fear of speed workouts.  In regards to ESC, they are quick, convenient, professional, tuned into performance training and easy to work with financially and with insurance.  I plan to continue using ART (Active Release Techniques) in the future to take care of my body and "I am confident ART could quickly get me back on the road."

-Patrick (Boston Marathon Qualifier)

Dr. Messenger first saw Matt at the ART Ironman Performance Tent in Madison, WI the day before Ironman Wisconsin.  Matt had a confirmed TFL (Tensor Fasciae Latae) tear.  Despite the tear, Matt finished the 140.6 miles in a more than respectable time.  Following the race Matt came into Elite Sports Chiropractic (ESC) with a complaint of hip pain due to the injury for the past 6 weeks.  After treatments for 2 weeks at twice a week Matt began to see the results.  Dr. Messenger utilized ART to break up soft-tissue adhesions connected to the tear to take the stress off the torn tissue to aid in correct healing of the damaged area.  After tissue is traumatically damaged the remaining portion of the muscle/tendon/ligament needs to be address to allow the damaged area to properly heal to have a better long term outcome.  Cold-Laser Therapy was also performed to stimulate and promote healing to the damaged area.  Since beginning treatment Matt was able to begin running again! To others considering care from ESC, Matt states that, "It is a great place to start, as I feel Dr. Messenger is very knowledgeable."

Matt - 4x World Championship Ironman Finisher (Kona, HI)

I sustained a major back injury during a Half Ironman and was suffering with extreme back spasms.  I could hardly walk, let alone think about training or racing.  I immediately called Dr. Messenger when I returned back to town.  I immediately noticed an improvement and was able to resume my training for a full Ironman which I set a PR.  Jon does an amazing job finding the root cause of the problem so that there can be a long term solution.  He's friendly, caring and because he is also an athlete he could relate to the nature of the injury.  I train hard and know that I will come across injuries along the way.  Elite Sports Chiropractic will be one of my first step in minimizing and recovering from injuries.

Jeff - IRONMAN Triathlete

After completing my first marathon I began to experience knee pain that had been off and on for the past 10 years before coming into Elite Sports Chiropractic. The knee pain made it difficult to run and exercise. I had tried using ibeuprofen and wearing a knee brace to deal with the pain, but found little relief. I started feeling the difference after the first treatment with Dr. Messenger and continued to improve with each visit. Currently I'm able to run without pain and I'm beginning to train for my next marathon. At Elite Sports Chiropractic they understand the issues that occur with people that are training and will do what they can to help you reach your goal. They do not try to get you to keep coming back unnecessarily but will fix the problem and give you steps to take to keep it from re-occurring. They will get you in quickly to see you and begin the healing process. In the future when I begin the long runs for my next marathon I plan to use Elite Sports Chiropractic to help keep me running well and pain free.

-Tina (Marathoner)

I came into Elite Sports Chiropractic with tingling and numbness in my left leg starting at my lower back going all the way down to my heel that persisted for 6 months. I'm a runner and it severely affected my training. The pain and numbness significantly reduced the miles I could run at one time and eliminated half of my year of racing. I also found it very uncomfortable to sit at my desk or in the airplane where I work. I tried Ibuprofen which didn't help. My primary doctor game me one round of steroids which didn't help nor would I want to sustain a treatment program of steroids, then he sent me for an MRI and physical therapy. A neurosurgeon read my MRI and he said there was nothing he would or could do to help me out other than give me some pain medication. I had temporary relief with traditional chiropractic care and with ASTYM from a physical therapist. It didn't take long to see the results after I came into see Dr. Messenger. I received four treatments and really started feeling better after the second and third treatments. Also, my hip hasn't felt this good in years. Now I'm back into my training routine for running. I've been able to train consistently on a daily basis and have increased my mileage. I'm currently planning a full slate of races for the year. If you have a running injury or a repetitive motion injury, I would definitely recommend Elite Sports Chiropractic. I had about given up on finding any relief or anyone who could help with my issue. ESC actually got results for me. I recommended my son to ESC because he is a tennis player who periodically has pain and issues with his shoulder due to repetitive motion. He also swears by ART for his shoulder.


After coming off the toughest endurance event I’d ever faced –and Ironman distance triathlon – I eased back into running but found that my calf was seizing up in a hurry after only 1-3 miles.  The pain in my calf took away my shear enjoyment of running and cast doubts on my ability to ever recover from my race.  I was taking about 6 ibuprofen on a daily basis and suffered for 3 weeks before I visited Elite Sports Chiropractic.  After the second treatment there was a significant improvement in the way my calf felt throughout a run.  After 3 treatments with Dr. Messenger much of the calf pain was eliminated.  A week later the pain was completely gone.  Longer runs were once again possible without any worries.  Understanding someone’s pain is one thing, but genuine care and concern expressed loud and clear is completely different.  Dr. Messenger does that.  You know without a hint of doubt that he cares for you personally.


Zach was referred to Dr. Messenger by the Go Run running group.  He had been suffering from a dull knee pain that would occur during his run after approximately 1 mile of running that had been lingering for about 2 weeks.  Zach came into ESC with less than a week before his 50K trail race.  Within a week, Zach was able to race "very successfully and run relatively pain-free."  "I had a positive experience with Dr. Messenger, and would highly recommend him and ART to other athletes who are facing some sort of injury."


I was training for my first Half marathon and my IT band was pulling on my knees. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to race but Dr. Messenger helped by working on my legs, taping them up the week of the race and giving exercises to do at home. My race went really well and my knees have been better ever since!


I visited Dr. Jon Messenger for an issue I was having with my lower calf and hamstring.  Both had been bothering me for a couple weeks and were gradually getting worse.  I had tried Ibuprofen and NSAIDS for relief, but i was unable to run and at times was even painful to walk.  After just 2-3 visits I noticed a tremendous improvement.  I could finally train without pain.  I tell everyone who comments about having an injury to visit Dr. Messenger.  What is so superior about him, is that he an athlete and understands the anxiety and depression that occurs when an athlete is injured.  He helps the individual back into the game and works diligently to do so.  Whereas most professional have the attitude of "Well, if it hurts, don't continue to do it."  He works to help the injury heal so training can be continued as soon as possible and that makes all the difference in the world.


I came into see Elite Sports Chiropractic with shoulder pain and limited movement that had persisted for 6 months.  The pain and loss of motion had started to affect my triathlon training.  Swimming was very painful afterwards and the pain was lasting longer and longer.  I had taken Aleve with no success.  I had even been to 2 different chiropractors with no relief from the pain.  After one visit I saw the results!  Now I can swim without discomfort and sit at my desk during work hours without pain.  "LOVE DR. JON!" I highly recommend and have already sent 3 people to Elite Sports and recommended Dr. Jon to several others.


Beka came into ESC with her knee hurting "very badly."  She went from being able to run 10 miles to not being able to run 1/2 a mile because of the pain in her knee.  She had been hurting for over 2 months and lost alot of time not being able to train.  She had tried Ibuprofen, ice, rest, and elevation with little to no relief.  Beka started seeing improvements after 2-3 sessions with Dr. Messenger. She went from not being able to run 1/2 a mile in December to running a 15 mile training run for her upcoming marathon. She didn't even think she would be able to run and have to cancel due to the pain.  Beka states, "I would definately recommend trying this form of treatment.  I would try ART before going to see a primary physician."



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